Pray for our world's 1+ billion Hindu neighbors

Oct 29 - Nov 14, 2021

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Globally-minded Christians are taking 15 days around the important Hindu festival, Diwali (known as the Festival of Light), to learn about and pray for our world’s one+ billion Hindu neighbors. While our latest 32-page printed Hindu World Prayer Guide (from 2020) is now out of stock, please consider availing yourself of the PDF downloadable file instead ($1.50/copy).

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Hindu World Prayer Guide 2020

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Last year, over 50 thousand people committed to pray for the Hindu people. With the 15 Day Hindu Prayer Guide, you will not only learn how to pray but will learn more about people groups that follow Hindu traditions. Will you partner with Christ and join us this year?

What is it and why?

As Christians, we embrace the truth that we have been blessed so we can be a blessing to the nations (Gal 3:8). As Christians, we yearn that all the world’s people(s) will have a tangible opportunity to comprehend the grace of God incarnated in Jesus Christ.

For this reason, we inform ourselves, so that we may understand, and learn how to pray for and support respectful efforts to make that grace also known within our world’s Indian and Hindu communities.

It is not our intention with this prayer focus to disparage India or its majority
religion in any way, and we recognize that India and Hinduism are far too complex and so full of great traditions to easily condense, explain, or take lightly within a mere booklet.

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The Hindu World


Billion people


of the world’s population


live in india

Hindus are the second largest least-reached religious group in the world, and only about two percent of cross-cultural missionaries seek to share the gospel with them. The majority of Hindus still live without any meaningful access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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This high-resolution, full-color poster is used by many ministries and churches to help spread the word about the 15 Days Hindu Prayer Focus. Feel free to print and distribute it.